HERMA SPECIAL A4 Ordner labels movables/removable 192 x 38 mm paper matt opaque 175 pcs


• A4 Ordner labels movables/removable 192 x 38 mm paper matt opaque 175 pcs
Removable file spine labels on A4 sheets
Reliable adhesion, even with frequently used files, residue-free removal without damaging the file, problem-free repositioning, adhere again several times
Also permanent adhesion and various label sizes available
Fully opaque material with high whiteness, old lettering does not show through
Blank: ideal for company logos, inscriptions and organization notes
Environmentally friendly: chlorine-free bleached, solvent-free adhesive
Labels are 100% recyclable, dispose of as for waste paper, packaging made from recycled cardboard
Excellent printing results on all laser printers, inkjet printers, copiers, colour laser printers and colour copiers
Trouble-free processing thanks to all-round protective edge and optimum flatness
Certified FSC®
Free software solutions: www.herma.com/software

• Colour: White
• EAN: 4008705101554
• Manufacturer Ref: 10155

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Manufacturer Herma
Brand Herma
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FSC® ™ Product Certificate FSC® ™: 2 points
ISO 9001 Factory Certificate ISO 9001: 1 point
Responsible Office Score (more = better): 3 points