Integrity - Disclaimer - Responsibility
We are passionate and determined to totally 
eliminate 'green washing'
from our industry as soon as possible.

Responsible Office is an initiative of BOSTA, the Belgian non-profit trade association of this industry.

With this website, Bosta and Responsible Office aim to provide accurate and complete information on sustainable products from the paper, school and office supplies industry.

All claims made on this website have been checked and certified by reputable independent third parties. Have a look at "How does it work?".

Responsible Office monitors the published information. When a user reports incorrect information on the website via "contact us", this will be rectified forthwith. Should a user fall victim to dishonest practices by a manufacturer, importer or distributor, or is provided with information which contradicts the information on the website, he or she can report this also. Responsible Office will look into every report as quickly as possible. In this case, the manufacturer, importer or distributor, will receive a request to rectify the situation. It is possible that the products or other  information of said manufacturer, importer or distributor will be taken offline temporarily or definitively without the manufacturer, importer or distributor being able to file for damages.

Manufacturers and importers pay a small annual fee of a few Euro's per published product to cover the costs of this website. Distributers are a member of Responsible Office and Bosta. 

The manufacturers and importers provide a declaration on honour in which they state that all information they provide is accurate and complete. This declaration on honour is available as a downloadable pdf for every manufacturer on this website.

Moreover, this site offers downloadable pdf’s of all the certificates provided by the manufacturer or importer to ensure integration of his products on this website.

Neither Responsible Office nor Bosta have commercial interests and they do not sell anything. As we do not sell anything, we have no sales terms on this website.

While taking the utmost care in providing accurate information, Responsible Office cannot be held liable for the accuracy or validity of the information provided by manufacturers or importers. This website facilitates the choice of a sustainable and responsible product. 

Responsible Office informs, but cannot be held liable for the information provided. Responsible Office will accept no responsibility for direct or indirect damages resulting from the disclosure of information, or any other action, neither with respect to the manufacturer, the importer, the distributor, the user of this website, the purchasing party, nor any other party.