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Continuous efforts to reduce the use of material and waste

At the beginning of 1973, our engagement for ecology as being a citizen and responsible company started with the recycling of waste.

We have made continuous efforts to reduce the use of material and waste by reinventing our products to enable a more rational use and try to develop a sustainable and economical future for the next generations.

Following an audit, our company received the PEFC™ certification for its production and storage organisation within a global process of forest management at world level, this to avoid spoiling the environment of our future generations.

Our purchase process controls within a good collaboration if the suppliers work in the respect of a real sustainable and economical development policy. We make all possible efforts to ensure the process is respected all the way till the consumer.

Production, packaging, storage and logistics are constantly reevaluated to reduce the use of energies and thus reduce the carbon footprint  on the ozon layer.

Our plastic products are compliant with the REACH norms.
Our environmental concerns are present in the management of our collections and of our office and school products.