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Certified management systems

Certified energy management
HERMA's energy management system is certified to ISO50001. This means we must continually reduce the energy consumption of each production unit and lower our emissions of greenhouse gases.

Carbon-neutral fleet 
We recycle used silicone-coated release liners with the help of Cycle4Green. The material is used to produce new release liners or labels. This process consumes smaller amounts of fresh fibres, thus reducing our CO2 emissions. With these savings we are able
to have a carbon-neutral vehicle fleet.

Blue Angel
Recycling doesn't mean that one has to sacrifice whiteness. Our labels made of wastepaper with high whiteness, ISO 97% CIE133, demonstrate this. And the Blue Angel ecolabel speaks for itself.

Energy-saving short distances
Our headquarters in Filderstadt, Germany, are designed to minimise distances in production. This saves energy, and by avoiding transport damage it reduces waste. Reworking is required less often. 

100% green electricity
Since 2015, HERMA has been manufacturing its labels entirely with green electricity generated by hydropower. In this way we save approximately 8.000 metric tons of  CO2 per year.

Environmental certificates
Wood is a renewable, climate-friendly raw material for paper. HERMA places great importance on sustainable forest management. For this reason our papers are certified according to recognised FSC® and PEFC™ criteria.

Solvent-free adhesives
We were one of the first companies in our industry to use water-based, solvent-free adhesives and chlorine-free bleached paper in label production.