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Positive impact on present and future generations

We are sure that any economic success in today’s world can only be considered as real success if it contributes to keeping the world intact and peaceful, and if it is not achieved at the expense of present or future generations.

Vision and responsibility for a natural environment and a humane society characterizes the style of success on which we model our business. For DURABLE, this definition of success is the core of its unwritten corporate philosophy which has been practiced from day one, by everyone – from top management to trainees. In cooperation with our suppliers and business partners, and anyone else who contributes to our company’s success.

Protection of the environment is one of the great challenges of our time. Virtually no modern corporate organization acting with a sense of responsibility can afford to dispense with eco management. After all, this one planet is all we have. Eco management can only have a lasting effect if the company practicing it is engaged in continuous improvement.

In accordance with its guiding principles, DURABLE continuously aims to further optimize its ecology-oriented management. Our aim is to develop products that are largely recyclable, of course they should also be produced at low cost and yield a reasonable profit. To meet this ideal as closely as possible, we continuously carry out critical analyses of the environmental impact of our products and production processes. Thus the material thicknesses of our products and above all, their packaging are constantly reviewed for possible enhancements. Through packaging modifications developed in-house we have been able to achieve significant material savings and reductions in volume.

DURABLE also demonstrates its responsibility towards the environment through its purchasing policies. Important decisions in favor of ecologically sustainable production are being made in regular project meetings between our purchasing department and suppliers. Careful selection of optimal materials is one way to protect the environment.

The right choice of suppliers is just as important for DURABLE. We never fail to check whether the manufacturers and their suppliers are certified, and how they are being regulated. These questions must always be answered before we decide on any purchase.

All these criteria are the basis for our daily decisions.