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Even if you don't know anything about circularity yet, you need to know this!

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During the past few months, people from our office, school and paper industry attended several intensive interactive sessions and gained knowledge on circularity. 

Bosta as initiator of Responsible Office thus invests in the knowledge of its members. 

"Mieke Pieters" the leading lady at European level on circularity and sustainability is providing us with this knowledge. 

This changing reality inspired by climate change is already a game changer and is going to be much more so in the near future. This drastically changed our view and vision of the future. 

And we would like to share this insight and vision with you.

We have organised this training in English so that we can share it with colleagues in Europe. Don't worry, everyone can speak their own language or ask questions in their own dialect.  

We would like to give you a summary of what we learned 

This meeting will take place on 15 December 2023 in Merelbeke at the Circular Hub, but you can also follow it online via Zoom. If you come to Merelbeke, we will provide a free lunch. 

agenda 15 December online via Zoom and/or The circular Hub Ghent Belgium (50 meters from train station Merelbeke)

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  • 12:00 introduction, welcome, round table participants and visitors
  • 12:20 executive summary Responsible Office master class 2023: Mieke Pieters
  • 13:30 lunch
  • 14:00 participants project Circular presentation 1
  • 14:10 participants project Circular presentation 2
  • 14:20 participants project Circular presentation 3
  • 14:30 Responsible Office (RO) “what RO can do for you”
  • 14:45 reactions from vistors on presentations & market dialog
    buyer meets supplier : moderation Mieke Pieters
  • 15:20 conclusions, closing of the meeting

Sponsored by Responsible Office
Responsible Office is an initiative of Bosta; the Belgian trade association of office and school supplies

Please confirm whether you will attend this meeting online or in Ghent before 13 December 17:00 CET at the latest



Supported by the government through Flanders Circular


Supported by Europe through Interreg North Sea region

Mieke Pieters

of "The Circular Hub" is a leading personality in Belgium, our neighbouring countries and Europe when it comes to sustainability and circularity. As a former buyer at one of the largest cities in Flanders, she knows the challenges of sustainable procurement with her eyes closed. She sits at the table of several European initiatives by government and private organisations to help the world and different industries take small and big circular steps and innovate.
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24 November 2023