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The Netherlands

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To make the world a better place

Sustainability and safety.
Royal Talens wishes to make the world a better place. We do this by producing our high-quality artists’ paints in the most intense colours that allow artists throughout the world to make their inspirational art.  We also do this by carrying out our business in a sustainable manner, now and in the future.

This involves maintaining the right balance between social responsibility, People, protecting the environment, Planet, and economic success, Profit. In the autumn of 2017 we started preparations for the certification of ISO 14001, which we intend to implement in 2018.

We not only want to make our planet better place; we also want to improve the lives of those people who live on it. This ambition builds upon our tradition of providing our expertise in an innovative, distinctive and inspirational manner, thereby providing even more value to our clients and consumers. We do this by producing the most brilliant of colours, but also by ensuring that all our products meet all the statutory regulations regarding health and safety.

That's why we are committed to the Environmental Responsibility Code for Artists' Colours of the CEPE, the European sector organisation for paint and ink producers.