Bankers Box® System heavy duty Ergo-Box™ white/blue

• Heavy duty storage box white/blue featuring ergonomic handles to reduce wrist strain
Box handles are engineered with a 30-degree angle, which allows your wrists to maintain a neutral position while lifting or carrying
A neutral wrist position optimizes comfort and reduces wrist strain
Heavy duty box features three layers of board end panels and two layers to sides and base for maximum strength
Reinforced handles and lock-in lid make box comfortable for you to lift & carry
Quick and easy automatic assembly
Compatible with A4 or folio transfer files, ring binders or lever arch files
Security hole for optional use with cable ties, cable ties not supplied
Made from 100% recycled board, 100% recyclable
Internal dimensions: W333 x H285 x D390 mm
Certified FSC® Recycled

• Colour: Blue white
• EAN: 43859671113
• Manufacturer Ref: 388

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  • FSC® ™ Recycled
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
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Manufacturer Fellowes
Brand Bankers Box
Responsible Office Score:
FSC® ™ Recycled Product Certificate FSC® ™ Recycled: 2 points
ISO 9001 Factory Certificate ISO 9001: 1 point
ISO 14001 Factory Certificate ISO 14001: 3 points
Responsible Office Score (more = better): 6 points