4816 trodat® Printy™ French double date stamp, ink pad black


• French double date stamp with a black ink pad
Imprint size 51 x 3,8 mm
Date size 3,8 mm in format day, month (in letters), year
Makes it possible to stamp two different dates side by side, separated by a hyphen
Date bands contain 12 consecutive years
6/4817 ink pad at all times available in black, red, blue, green, violet and blue-red
Ink is indelible in accordance with DIN ISO 14145-2 and therefore ensures perfect imprint quality
Certified with the Austrian Ecolabel (valid for certified products with black, red and green ink pads)

• Colour: Black
• EAN: 92399801856
• Manufacturer Ref: 80185

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  • Austrian Ecolabel
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
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Manufacturer Trodat
Brand Trodat
Responsible Office Score:
Austrian Ecolabel Product Certificate Austrian Ecolabel: 2 points
ISO 9001 Factory Certificate ISO 9001: 1 point
ISO 14001 Factory Certificate ISO 14001: 3 points
Responsible Office Score (more = better): 6 points